A Note On 'Memory'

    Nothing that takes place no manifestation however rapid or weak can ever be lost from the Skandhic record of a man's life Not the smallest sensation the most trifling action impulse thought impression or deed can fade or go out from or in the Universe We may think it unregistered by our memory unperceived by our consciousness yet it will still be recorded on the tablets of the astral light Personal memory is a fiction of the physiologist There are cells in our brain that receive and convey sensations and impressions but this once done their mission is accomplished These cells of the supposed "organ of memory" are the receivers and conveyors of all the pictures and impressions of the past not their retainers Under various conditions and stimuli they can receive instantaneously the reflection of these astral images back again and this is called memory recollection remembrance but they do not preserve them When it is said that one has lost his memory or that it is weakened it is only a facon de parler it is our memory-cells alone that are enfeebled or destroyed The window glass allows us to see the sun moon stars and all the objects outside clearly crack the pane and all these outside images will be seen in a distorted way break the windowpane altogether and replace it with a board or draw the blind down and the images will be shut out altogether from your sight But can you say because of this that all these images-sun moon and stars-have disappeared or that by repairing the window with a new pane the same will not be reflected again into your room? There are cases on record of long months and years of insanity of long days of fever when almost everything done or said was done and said unconsciously Yet when the patients recovered they remembered occasionally their words and deeds and very fully Unconscious cerebration is a phenomenon on this plane and may hold good so far as the personal mind is concerned But the Universal Memory preserves every motion the slightest wave and feeling that ripples the waves of differentiated nature of man or of the Universe

Lucifer, October, 1891
H. P. Blavatsky